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The following bylaws include the text of the original bylaws and any amending bylaws.  They are provided on this page for general information only.  Every effort is made to ensure their accuracy, but in the event that they differ from the original documents held at the Village Office, the originals are to be considered as the definitive references.

Urban Municipalities, such as the Village of Elbow, derive their powers from the Provincial Government, in particular The Municipalities Act.

For other Provincial Government Statutes, visit the Publications Saskatchewan

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Council Procedures, Code of Ethics, Public Notice, Repealing Bylaws, General Penalty

  • #2-2022 Council Procedures Bylaw - a bylaw to regulate the meeting procedures of Council, Council Committees and other bodies
  • #4-2023 Repealing Bylaw - a bylaw to repeal outdated bylaws
  • #21-03 Public Notice Policy Bylaw - a bylaw to establish a public notice policy
  • #21-02 Code of Ethics Bylaw - a bylaw to establish a code of ethics for Council Members
  • #12-2023 General Penalty Bylaw - a bylaw to provide for penalties in contravention of bylaws

Dust Suppressant

  • Dust Suppressant Policy 2019 & Dust Suppressant Form

Elections, Mail in Ballot Bylaw

  • #7-2024 Mail In Ballot Bylaw - a bylaw to establish a mail in ballot voting system for municipal elections.  Applications must be submitted (original copy) to the office of the Village of Elbow no later than 30 days before Election Day.

Fire, False Alarm Bylaw

  • #16-03 False Fire Alarm Calls Bylaw - a bylaw to reduce the number of false incidents to which fire crews respond to, and to set the fee for such incidents
  • #6-2023 Fire Ban Bylaw - a bylaw to provide for a fine for having a fire during a posted fire ban.

Noise, Nuisance

  • #13-2023 Nuisance Abatement Bylaw  - deals with dilapidated/unoccupied buildings, overgrown grass/weeds, unsightly property, junk vehicles, open excavations, yard maintenance, outdoor storage, fences
  • #7-91 Noise Bylaw

Animal Control

Public Works - Water, Sewer, Landfill, Waste Management

  • #10-2023 Landfill Bylaw
  • #6-2022 Waste and Recycle Management Bylaw
  • 17-2023 Amendment #5-2022 Water & Sewer Rate Bylaw - a bylaw to fix the rates to be charged for use and consumption of water and service charge for use of sewer
  • #14-2023 Water & Sewer Management Bylaw

Usage and Operation of various vehicles within the Village

  • #09-07 ATV Bylaw  - a bylaw to regulate ATV usage
  • #5-23 Golf Cart Bylaw  - a bylaw to regulate golf cart usage
  • **SGI - ATV Use Rules
  • #9-2023 Motor Homes and Trailers Bylaw - a bylaw to regulate the use of motor homes and trailers within the VIllage of Elbow

Tax & Assessment

  • #21-01Assessment Appeal Fee Bylaw  - a bylaw to establish a fee to appeal assessments
  • #3-2023 Mill Rate Factor Bylaw - a bylaw to establish a mill rate factor (comm and ind only)
  • #2-2023 Base Tax Bylaw - a bylaw to provide for a base tax to be levied on taxable properties
  • #3-74 Assessment Notices Bylaw - a bylaw to dispense with mailing assessment notices unless there are changes
  • #6-2024 Property Tax Incentives and Penalties

Zoning, Building, Permits and Culverts

  • #08-05 Zoning Bylaw with amendments & Zoning Map
  • #21-07 Zoning Bylaw Amendment - a bylaw to amend of UH permitted uses and section 5.4.5 (4)- deleting site area minimum
  • #16-04 Zoning Bylaw Amendment - a bylaw to amend Section 4.6 (accessory uses), and RA Development Standards
  • #15-02 Building Bylaw - any renovation or new construction that is 100 sq ft or larger (building, deck, garage, addition, etc.), including basement development, requires a building permit.  Forms can be found under "Building and Development Permits"
  • #18-03 Building Bylaw Amendment - in regards to fabric covered structures  FORM E
  • #19-04 Culvert & Driveway Bylaw
  • #4-2024 Sign Corridor Bylaw