The Elbow Trail

The Elbow Trail, part of the Trans Canada Trail, spans 7 km in length from Tufts Bay along the beautiful shoreline of Lake Diefenbaker to the marina and Harbor Golf Course clubhouse. It features multiple look-out decks and points of interest along the way with beautiful and interesting informational signage. Developed by Elbow residents, business owners and vacationers, this packed-earth trail is operational year-round. Hiking, cycling and jogging is encouraged in the spring, summer and autumn months, and hiking and snowshoeing in the winter. Parking lots are available at both Tufts Bay and the golf course clubhouse and a mowed grass area is available for parking mid-point along the trail. Users of the trail have amenities close at hand, from the golf clubhouse, to the many restaurants, lodging options, stores and watering holes found in the town of Elbow itself.‚Äč